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Cult.aka's vision is to bring together fashion, sustainability and ideals surrounding human rights and social values. Our aim is to make social statements through the brands’ designs and spread awareness about the urgency of sustainability in fashion.


Meet Cassandra

Cassandra is a designer! Her background focused on architecture and environmental design. The skills and knowledge attained, in combination with her passion for social causes and fashion led her to create Cult.aka, a streetwear brand that promotes social values with special attention to our planet.

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Our Values

Sustainability is Cult.aka’s main drive. We recognise the urgency of sustainability in fashion, and we take this responsibility seriously. Please refer to our Sustainability section for more information.

Ethical Fashion: Cult.aka chooses their colleagues carefully, after research and in-person investigation. We visited the facilities we collaborate with to ensure their working conditions and that they honour their social responsibility, by addressing the following criteria: No use of child labour, Payment of living wage, No use of forced labour, Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, Safe and healthy working conditions, No discrimination against employees, Legal labour contracts and No excessive hours of work.

Inclusion & diversity: Cult.aka’s first collection aims to empower women. However, our focus is on every human being as an individual. Therefore, our clothes are addressed to all genders, all ages and all the lovely people who simply want to be themselves and join a community where we support each other.

Comfort: Cult.aka aims to help you feel comfortable in your own skin and be true to yourself. To us comfort is about feeling happy with who we are, no matter what we wear.

Style: Cult.aka is a London based brand and we are inspired by the urban lifestyle in the city. Join our cult and be beautiful in your own, unique way!

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