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Cult.aka, the sustainable clothing brand chooses materials wisely to keep a low carbot footprint.

The Materials

Cult.aka chooses all source materials with care. With sustainability being one of our core values, we chose 100% Organic Cotton as our first material. Non-GMO seeds, no chemicals, 46% less CO2 emissions, 62% less energy, and 91% less water are used to produce organic cotton compared to regular cotton.

95% of Organic cotton is sourced in India, China, Kyrgystan, Turkey, Tanzania, Tajikistan and the US. We are sourcing from Turkey and Poland, as they are close to the factory and the company’s headquarters and warehouse. This ensures the lowest embodied carbon emissions for the transport of the material.

The Factory

Cult.aka collaborates with a factory in Serbia. The location was key to the selection of the factory, as we are aiming to reduce embodied carbon emissions due to transport.

For our clothes, organic cotton yarns are imported from Poland and organic cotton fabric is imported from Turkey. The clothes are produced in Serbia and then sent to the warehouse in London.

The factory we work with is an ethical clothing manufacturer, with sustainability-related certificates for their fabrics, a wastewater treatment plant and solar panels responsible for part of the energy consumption of the building.

A visit to the factory guarantied all qualities they advertise in their website. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more.

Cult.aka, the sustainable clothing brand manufactured close to the warehouse, to avoide high empodied carbot due to transportation.
Cult.aka, the sustainable clothing brand uses recycled and compostable packaging.

The Packaging

Cult.aka collaborates with noissue., a sustainable packaging company. Their packaging is Compostable, Recycled and Reusable! 

Noissue. is part of the Eco-Alliance, a community that chooses to utilise sustainable packaging. With every order placed they plant trees in areas in need of reforestation. So, with every order you place with us new trees grow somewhere in the world! 

End of life

When you decide to part ways with any of Cult.aka's products and if in good condition, you can send them back to us and get 15% off your next purchase. Cult.aka is aiming to create a “Second Life” collection with second hand, conditioned products. This way the clothes will live longer, and you’ll get to enjoy our new products!

Alternatively, donate them to charity or second-hand shops to be loved and worn by another; otherwise dispose them in bins dedicated to clothing collection.

For the packaging make sure to recycle the box and all contents you do not desire to keep! But even if you don't, the packaging is 100% compostable, so planet earth will do the job for you!

Cult.aka, the sustainable clothing brand.
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